The Fours - The 400m Hills of England

The Tower (Region 36) one of the Fours in the Southern Pennines

A ‘Four’ is a 400m English hill. With the criteria being all hills in England which are at or above 400m and below 500m in height and which have a minimum prominence of 30m.  Accompanying the main list of Fours are three categories of sub hills, these are entitled the ‘Drop Sub-Fours, ‘Height Sub-Fours’ and Double Sub-Fours’.

The listing has been compiled by Myrddyn Phillips and Aled Williams and there are 296 hills that qualify for the main list of Fours, and 224 hills that are listed as Sub-Fours.

The list that is nowadays known as The Fours was first published in 2002 on the rhb Yahoo Group file database.  The list was re-evaluated for Europeaklist publication in December 2013 and all subsequent additions, deletions and reclassifications have been detailed on Mapping Mountains.

The land taking in the Fours is mainly mountain, moor and heath and includes hill ranges not represented by higher summits, including the North York Moors and Malvern Hills, and the ascent of the 296 listed hills is a challenge that few have completed.

There are a number of initiatives included since the 1st edition of this booklet was published by Europeaklist, with the inclusion of historic (h) and artificial (a) hills, which are presented in the main and sub lists.
The 2nd edition of The Fours is published by Mapping Mountains Publications and features re-evaluated hill-name information, based on continuing historical and local research, and numerical data, which has benefited from independent surveyors using GNSS receivers and LIDAR (Light Detecting & Ranging) analysis, with all interpolated heights both for summit and drop being assessed from the latest available Ordnance Survey mapping.  The combination of these has given the most accurate information to this height band of hills available as of the time of publication.
The final product is a hill list that will take the user to some of the most beautiful parts of England. 

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