Saturday 2 July 2016

Mapping Mountains - Publications

Welcome to Mapping Mountains Publications, a sister site to Mapping Mountains, which was set up in November 2013.  The site will have a number of hill lists and e-books available to download either as a printed booklet or as an e-booklet, no charge is incurred.

To access the lists and e-books either click on the headings at the bottom of this page, or click on the page headings on the homepage of this site - by doing so the user will access brief introductions to each list and e-book, with an option to download or print in booklet format at the bottom of the page.  

The hill lists available on this site will increase over time; those that have been co-authored with Aled Williams will be prioritised.

These listings focus on criteria based on prominence, minimum height and remoteness.  All are used to define the separation of one hill or mountain from another, with prominence (also known as drop) being the height gain between a summit and the lowest point on the watershed connecting it to a higher summit.  The use of minimum height with that of prominence neatly encompasses hills that are topographically similar, and defining a hill by remoteness is a novel form of criterion, but one that poses a new challenge for the peak bagger.

This site has benefited from the encouragement and contributions of a number of people, but special thanks should be expressed to Ruth Magness, Mark Trengove and Aled Williams.

Accessing prominence based hill lists in booklet format at little or no cost was pioneered by Alan Dawson and Dave Hewitt with their TACit Tables publications, and further developed by Mark Trengove via the Europeaklist website.   It is hoped that the Mapping Mountains Publications site can also now benefit those interested in the detail in and around hill listings.

Myrddyn Phillips (July 2016)

The lists and e-books available on this site can be downloaded in two formats: 

·         A print version to create an A5-sized booklet
·         An e-booklet version to read via PC, mobile or tablet

The Lists

The Fours    print booklet    e-booklet

The e-books

Ups and Downs - The Story of Handbook of the Scottish Hills